Role of Ms. Bokides in the Management of Company’s Finance

You must be aware of the fact that in order to make the business run effectively, certain important things need to be taken care of. One such thing is the financial management. This is vital because this assists in making decision to the expansion of the value of the firm and concentrates on how to manage your budgeting, forecasting, and cash flow. So, financial management is all about managing the money in the business effectively.

Financial management of your business includes more than balancing your business checking account and keeping a precise set of books. Financial Management helps in preventing the organization from overspending so that you can stay prepared for all expenditures, as well as profit allocations. A business can be affected without a proper financial management process. For example, a company that sells well but has no proper financial management can be unsuccessful.

The financial management includes tasks like analyzing and assessing your finances. This comprises of checking bank statements, recognizing spending amount, working on the expenditure and income. The financial management services also locate areas where the expenditure can be decreased, while providing you a plan to aid you build your financial products to attain financial success in the future. Besides this, the financial management also includes duties such as planning for taxes and making sure you have cash on hand to pay expected tax payments and also scheduling your purchases of major assets to get the benefit.

Dessa Bokides is a financial expert who is currently working at DFC Global Corp. as the Chief Financial Officer and EVP. This company is a leading provider of accessible consumer financial services in the universe and is constantly accomplishing the commitment to meet the requirements of business owners and consumers and in the most socially responsible way. DFC offers a range of unique financial solutions online as well as via its retail locations in the US, UK, Sweden, Canada, Poland, Finland, Romania and Spain. Through a varied collection of products in numerous geographies, DFC offers customers with suitable access to cash in a compliant, respectful and customer focused manner.

Prior to joining DFC Global Corp. Ms. Bokides has been associated with Alta Colleges, Inc. as the CFO. With a comprehensive background in financial services, she has been the Co-chairperson for GMAC/Ally Bank and Global Corporate Treasurer for GMAC Financial Services/Ally Financial during the financial crisis relocating the Bank to nationally chartered bank from a state bank and rebranding it as Ally Financial. She has represented the company with numerous banking and financial service regulators as well as financial institutions and bondholders to reorganize the debt.

Dessa has also been associated with Goldman Sachs as the VP and Head of Commitment products for a long time. She has also served Deutsche Bank, Pitney Bowes and ProLogis. Dessa Bokides is a graduate from Colorado College, and from Columbia University she has received her MBA.

With such a vast experience; Dessa is undoubtedly, one of the best financial experts.


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